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Johnny Paycheck, Heartbreak Tennessee Tabs

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Country Tabs > Paycheck Johnny Tabs > Heartbreak Tennessee

Artist/Band: Paycheck Johnny Tabs
Song: Heartbreak Tennessee Tab

Written by Jack H. Clement 

There are things to do in Knoxville 
There are things to do in Nashville
    G              A7               D7
And Rock City is a place you oughta see
But if you want to visit my town
You won't find it on the road map
      G                  D7               G
And I can't say much for Heartbreak Tennessee

  C                    G
I live in a house with wall to wall sorrow
                 A7           D7
On the corner of pain and misery
    G                           C
I'm the judge and the mayor and the chief of police
       G        D7               G
In the town  of Heartbreak Tennessee

There are things to see in Memphis
And if you ever visit Nashville
    G                  A7          D7
You shouldn't miss the Grand Ole Opry
But if you like weird sensations
Like crying for recreation
            G              D7               G
Then you'll have a ball in Heartbreak Tennessee

    C                         G
Now I've got some buddies Joe Pain and Sam Teardrop
                        A7           D7
They're all I've got to keep me company
         G                            C
Smallest city in the nation we're the entire population
       G        D7               G
In the town  of Heartbreak Tennessee 

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Johnny Paycheck, Heartbreak Tennessee Chords

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