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Johnny Paycheck, Help Me Hank I'm Falling Tabs

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Country Tabs > Paycheck Johnny Tabs > Help Me Hank I'm Falling

Artist/Band: Paycheck Johnny Tabs
Song: Help Me Hank I'm Falling Tab

G                                             C
Well I made me a record in Nashville not long ago
    D7                                     G
And before too long I knew the world would know
That it was a hit and Iíd soon be making the rounds
          A7                                    D7
Theyíd be coming for miles just hear my country sound
        C                                G              C
I donít know you from Adam and if youíre gonna play the jukebox

G                                            C
Now things came to pass and I found myself a star
  D7                                          G
I never dreamed that Iíd ever drop out of the charts
So I closed you out and to my own little world I split
  A7                                             D7
I know I put you down but Hank please write me a hit

Help me Hank Iím falling canít you hear me a calling
      G                                            C
Canít you see Iím sorry that I turned you away old pal

Help me Hank Iím a falling Paycheck darling is a calling
     D7                              G
This little darling really needs you now

Well you gave me A-11 and I thought I had a Tiger By The Tail
    D7                                       G
But I need another song Hank Cochran without fail
Write me a letter send me a wire or call
A7                                              D7
Cause if you donít Iím gonna sit right down and bawl

Repeat #3

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Johnny Paycheck, Help Me Hank I'm Falling Chords

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