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Bill Pekar, The Koozie Song Tabs

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Artist/Band: Pekar Bill Tabs
Song: The Koozie Song Tab

	  D                        A     
There's sure one thing a beer drinker knows 
G                            A 
In the summertime you got to keep it cold 
D                       A 
In the winter when your whole body's shakin 
    G                              A 
You got to have something for that insulation 
D                            A 
Then came the koozie and you wonder how 
G                          A 
You can even buy a can without one now 
D                         A  
Make them for bottles and all kinds of jug 
G                              A 
They even make one to fit your coffee mug cuz 
D                     A      G        A 
Happiness is a tight koozie 
D                           A                      G          A 
Everybody's got a favorite, I'm not choosy 
G                                       A 
Long as it keeps the beer cold in my hand 
G                                     A 
If you're from Teas, you'll understand 
        D                    A      G         A 
Cuz happiness is a tight koozie
You have a party and it's bring your own booze 
You're sure to end up with a koozie or two 
Left in the kitchen or the living room 
So you add it to the ones you already use 
Sometimes you have enough for all 
But even a koozie has a last call 
They split their sides, they lose their bottoms 
But the beer is colder if you'e got 'em cuz 
It's sad to say but you know it truly 
It's a fact of life that even a koozie 
Won't last forever, there comes a day 
When your favorite one gets thrown away 
That's no problem, wherever you go 
You'll find them on sale, and you never know 
You might find one you like a little better 
Maybe one day they'll make one last forever, cuz 

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Bill Pekar, The Koozie Song Chords

2005 - 2008
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