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Ernest Tubb, Seamans Blues 2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tubb Ernest Tabs
Song: Seamans Blues 2 Tab

One of E.T's many WWII songs,Here's how I do it.

                Seaman's Blues

chorus;  (D)On my way to Italy from the
gulf of Mei (A7)co  Riding(Em)on a
(A7)tanker and (Em)feeling(A7)Mighty
(D)Low  My gal's far be=hind me, no
loving for so (A7)Lone   
(A7)going(Em)back to(A7)texas for
(Em)that's where(A7)I be-(D)long

Verse  (Bm7)Nights are so(G)lonely on the
(D)ocean      there's(Em)so much time to
(A7)dream of(Em) yes-ter-(A7)day------If
(Bm7)I could only(G)satisfy my(D)notion
    I'd (Em)Hit the trail for
(A)Texas right a=(D)way

         repeat chorus

verse (Bm7)Never thought back
(G)when I was a (D)leaving  -------
(Em)I could get so (A7)lost out(Em)on the
(A7)Sea-----------(Bm7)I can tell you
(G)after all my(D)Grievin----
(Em)It's that good old(A7)Texas soil for

This song has been done by many artist--this arrangment is mine and takes in to 
account what is feel was best in most
It's a simple and fun song; so enjoy

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Ernest Tubb, Seamans Blues 2 Chords

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