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Tanya Tucker, Back On My Feet Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tucker Tanya Tabs > Back On My Feet

Artist/Band: Tucker Tanya Tabs
Song: Back On My Feet Tab

C                    G7  C   F
I should've said no  no  no  I should've taken it slow
G7                                             C
You had me falling too fast for his pretty boy charms
But girls can close their eyes  pretend to fantasize
G7                                    C
That it's alright to lay there in his arms

I didn't know at the time  he would take me on down the line
G7                                        C
And leave my heart on the roadside broken down
No where to run or hide  I just gathered up my pride
When there's no where to turn you gotta turn it around

                   C                 G7   F  C
Now I'm back on my feet  back on the road to love
Yeah I'm back on my feet  taking advantage of
F                    C    F                    C
Learning a lesson or two  hurting all over and totally blue
F                           G7                         C
I'm putting the word on the street that I'm back on my feet

                  G7   C     F
I'm gonna be fine fine fine  now that I'm back in my mind
G7                                   C
Gonna chalk this one up as an honest mistake
Only the night to blame  it's all in the game
Even if it happens too soon it's never to late

Repeat #3 x2

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Tanya Tucker, Back On My Feet Chords

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